The New Kids on Jammbo is 79th episode of Jelly Jamm.


Bello and his friends meet a few newcomers on the planet Jammbo:Charlie, a professional super-spy, Pixie, a pink pop princess, Miley, Lucy, Becky, an expert at pulling things, and Megumi, Miley's older sister. Ongo, however, is not pleased with having newcomers just waltz into his home planet. 



Mina: How come Ongo's speakin' in that crazy language? Um... uh... my eyes?

Bello: Whoa! Who are you guys?

Charlie: Nice to meet you. I'm Charlie, a professional super spy. 

Pixie: Hey, there. I'm Pixie, the pink pop princess.

Miley: I'm Miley.

Lucy: I'm Lucy.

Becky: I'm Becky, an expert at pulling things.

Megumi: And I'm Megumi, Miley's older sister. But you can call me Meg.