Super Jelly League

Super Jelly League

Super Jelly League is the 5th episode of Jelly Jamm.


Bello and Goomo are pretending to be Jamboman and Sidekickman. They fight against pretend dangers. And just when they thought their work is done, they heard Mina's laughter and pretend that both she is the villain Mad-Scientist Girl, and that her stuff is stolen treasure. They grab her stuff and leaves. Mina sees this and, along with Ongo, joins in as Mad-Scientist Girl and her pot-clad sidekick, Screamerman. Rita wants to join the game only to fall onto part of the cliff. The heroes and villains join forces and rescue Rita, who joins the team as superhero Super Princess, thus creating a team called...THE SUPER JELLY LEAGUE!!!

Cultural referencesEdit

"Bello, a team called... THE SUPER JELLY LEAGUE!!!" 1984 film The Adventures of André and Wally B..